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Our Mission

Our mission is to help New England charitable institutions improve their development potential through highly personalized, traditional development techniques along with cutting edge technology.

We stress the importance of personal relationships in fund raising. We have served more than 300 New England organizations, and helped to raise over $80 million nationwide.


We believe in building your development program from within your organization, with your staff, board, and "TEAM" of volunteers. Although we say Fund Raising, our focus is on Development.

You are the "FUND RAISERS" not us. We see ourselves as teacher and coach, not as a key player. We may help send in the play, but your "TEAM" must execute it to win.

Cultivation and hard work are the keys to building a successful development program.

We specialize in small and medium-sized organizations. Our experience is in schools, hospitals, museums, and theaters, environmental goups, and arts organizations through highly pesonalized, traditional fund raising and development techniques using cutting edge technology, in the traditional philosophy of our hero, Harold J. (Si) Seymour.

We take only a limited number of clients at a time.

We honor our mentors: Authur Raybin and Cecily Bastedo, Don Johnson, and former Headmasters and Executive Directors, Trustee leaders, Campaign Chairs, and Key Volunteers.

We are entrepreneurs. Our success is based upon your success.

We do not provide resident counsel, rather we consult with clients on site as staff and the project require, depending upon the time and staffing requirements of each project.

We build development programs on solid strategic plans.

We are price competitive with other firms serving New England.

We offer full service consultation from initial workshops, strategic planning, and development staff searches, to annual fund and capital campaign design and implementation.

We offer short term contracts for maximum flexibility. Who you see at contract time is your consultant. If we do our work well you will no longer need us.

No two campaigns are the same. Every project is client specific. We are a personal, hands-on, client-proactive firm. Confidentiality is the backbone of our practice.

We work directly with each client. No unfamiliar faces.

We are volunteers too. We will never ask your volunteers to do something we have not done ourselves. We know what it is like to be a major donor to make a lead gift, to co-chair a capital campaign and to solicit our peers.

We absolutely love what we do. We don't just want satisfied clients, we want "RAVING FANS."

E-Mail: fndrsr@fndrsr.com

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