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Fundraising Management Software



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Training Classroom in Scarborough, Maine at Sustain Headquarters
Affordable and easy to Install, Learn and Use

Contact me for information or to schedule a one hour on-line demonstration.

From 1984 - 1995 William F. Stockwell served 140 software clients as a nationwide distributor/dealer for TARGET/1 FUNDRAISER™. In the summer and fall of 1998 many of his previous software clients called asking for recommendations for software to replace TARGET/1™ as it was not Y2K compatible. He researched several different software companies, became involved with GiftMaker Pro™ in January 1998. For nine years he sold GiftMaker Pro™ (1999 DEALER OF THE YEAR AWARD ), Services, and Training, until it was purchased by Blackbaud™ in 2006.

Today he gets calls from former GiftMaker Pro™ clients and now offers SUSTAIN™ as the perfect software solution. If they liked GiftMaker Pro™, they will love SUSTAIN™!

SUSTAIN Fundraising Management Software Can Help You!

Our current support plan for 1 to 3 users ranges between $700 and $1,100 which includes unlimited phone support and software upgrades. Installed Software prices start at $3,000.00.

With times as tough as they are, it's important that your marketing and database needs are solid. This may be a time to re-evaluate the cost of your current Fundraising database needs and consider an option that will be more affordable and easier to maintain for the future years.

Visit our website and review our Sustain program. If you are interested and need more detail submit your interest and enter the following discount code to receive a software discount. DISCOUNT CODE WFS

For More Information contact us at: WWW.SUSTAINSOFTWARE.COM

Fundraising Management Software



SUSTAIN LLC is proud to be a Technology Partner with WealthEngine

WealthEngine is a leading provider of sophisticated prospect research to the nonprofit sector including healthcare organizations, institutions of higher education, and arts and museums groups; as well as to financial services firms and other for profit organizations. More than 2000 clients use WealthEngine’s products for comprehensive prospect research on individuals, companies and foundations. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., WealthEngine offers products in both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.WealthEngine.com

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