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"He is an indefatiguable worker and extremely conscientious about all that he undertakes. Both at Fay and at Eaglebrook he has willingly undertaken an extraordinarily heavy load... He is thoroughly unafraid of heavy work and he bulldogs his way through to concluding assignments when less tenacious people might give up."

-- O. Stuart Chase - Headmaster - Eaglebrook School --

"My hunch is that you have positioned yourself well and that your approach to consulting for the smaller institutions will bear fruit quickly."

-- Arthur D. Raybin - President - Arthur D. Raybin Associates - Consultant --

"Mr. Stockwell's style fits well with the community hospital setting. He is not the 'three piece suit' type. He knows the 'textbook' on fund-raising and he offers the basic concepts he's learned from his own experiences. His textbook knowledge, when combined with your own knowledge of your institution and the people associated with it, make a formidable fund-raising team. We set a goal of raising $40,000. We raised $82,000. The success was due to strong community support that had not been tapped in about ten years and it was due to a solid fund-raising campaign suggested by Bill and implemented by our hospital development committee."

-- Daniel R. Marois -- V.P. Human Resources -- Stephens Memorial Hospital --

"I found your presentation informative and well delivered. Others that I spoke to indicated that they found the session invaluable."

-- Charles A. Please - Director - National Council for Resource Development --

"Participants seemed genuinely pleased with both your presentations and your willingness to talk with them about individual needs and concerns."

-- Richard J. Burke - President - Catholic School Management --

"Bill is devoted to his profession and a person of high integrity. He is a detail-oriented individual and extremely energetic. I know that among his peers and clients he is very highly regarded. While representing our company, he was successfully able to balance his roles as a salesperson and consultant. He always acted in the best interests of his clients. He is the type of individual we were pleased to have as an associate and frankly I wished we could have found many more like him. Bill has had a variety of successful experiences in helping organizations raise funds and better manage themselves. He will be an asset to any organization he is serving."

-- John C. Gundersdorf - President - Target/1 Management Systems --

"On behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank you for the time you spent with us last night. Your presentation was excellent and enlightening. I reported to the board 'how easy he is to work with!'"

-- Anne Geller - President - Foothills Arts Center --

"Your (Fundability Analysis) report to our group will be put to good use. We have already found it to be a great benefit in writing another draft of our case statement with a focus on reaching major donors."

-- Ronal Parlin - Treasurer - Foothills Arts Center --

"Bill is a highly skilled trainer with a very solid knowledge of development theory. He is very organized and presents material concisely, comprehensively, and interestingly. Our board found him very easy to work with. He provided the agency with his training material well in advance so we were able to reproduce it and complete other relevant preparations without last minute confusion. We highly recommend him to other interested organizations. Board members who attended his workshops rated his two presentations at, or very near, the highest level - extremely helpful." "Bill has a broad-based theoretical knowledge of development and institutional advancement. His skills are very well developed in the areas of foundation relations, major gifts, and prospect research. Bill is very eloquent with exceptional public speaking skills; he is creative, highly intelligent, and successfully initiates and completes work assignments without close supervision. He is well organized and manages multiple tasks effectvely. He readily accepts new assignments, meets all important deadlines, and is attentive to cost containment. Bill has a strong work ethic, is honest, and can be counted on."

-- Gertrude O'Farrell - Executive Director - Western Regional Council on Alcoholism - Lewiston, Maine --

"It was a pleasure to work with Bill Stockwell. His 'easy way' put me at ease almost immediately. Bill spent the better part of a day reviewing my organization's fund-raising programs with me. In the end, Bill's recommendations were right on the money and we have spent the last two years implementing them! Having a list of 'must do's' has been extremely helpful and has allowed us to get to work quickly. The process has freed us to act. I believe too much time can be wasted discussing and questioning the need to do something. It is my opinion that Bill's strongest attribute is his honesty. He was not afraid to point out weaknesses he found at the Board and staff levels. For the most part, these were things I had been saying for years, now suddenly the Board heard and believed them for the very first time! Amazing!"

-- Peg Hammond - Director - The Houlton Regional Health Services Foundation - Houlton, Maine --

"Thanks for the encouragement and moral support the quality of which no amount of money can buy. I know we'll do well and hope you'll hear good things about us in the future."

-- Barbara Morrow - Director of Public Relations and Volunteer services - Littleton Hospital --

"Thanks so much for your final written report and for all of the work you put into our project. I feel you were definitely on target with your identification of our current program's strengths and weaknesses. It is probably the most information our Board has ever received on the subjects of fund-raising and development. I know that it has already generated discussion and some real thoughtfulness about the future direction of the program."

-- Sharon Malenfant - Assistant Administrator, Community Relations & Development - The Memorial Hospital --

"I feel that you have gone above and beyond the 'call of duty.' I appreciate all the time and guidance you have given me and I look forward to a continued working relationship throughout the campaign."

-- Susan Searles-Gazza - President and Fundraising Chair, Deertrees Board of Directors - Deertrees Foundation, Ltd.--

"It feels good to have the funds to pay you for all of your services and valuable support."

-- Kelly Graves - Founder and Executive Director - State Theatre- State Of The Arts. --

"It was evident from the response to Bill’s fundability study interviews that people felt able to freely express their opinions to him. He asked questions that yielded confirmations and surprises - both valuable as we plan our future."

--Nina Z. Gormley - Executive Director -- Wendell Gilley Museum --

"Bill Stockwell is currently engaged in assisting Carrabassett Valley Academy with its first capital Campaign. To date, Mr. Stockwell has spearheaded the planning, organizing and implementation of the Campaign through the feasibility study phase and into the formation of a Capital Campaign Steering Committee. He is now focusing on solicitation assignments and establishing the appropriate support mechanisms for the campaign.

Bill Stockwell is very personable and quite knowledgable of the “fundraising” business. He did an excellent job with the feasibility interviews. All feedback indicates that he was well recieved and he laid very valuable groundwork for the solicitors to follow.

In working with Bill, I find him to be supportive, flexible, and enthusiastic. He has taken the time to get to know CVA very well and he is a good fit with the school. His own school related experience is a real asset because he knows the business well."

-- John C. Ritzo - Headmaster - Carrabassett Valley Academy --

"First of all, I want to thank you warmly for all you did for the Wendell Gilley Museum last fall and for your very instructive and helpful presentation before the Board in November. The Trustees have enjoyed working with you and would like to extend our contract for another six months."

-- Steven C.Rockefeller - President - Wendell Gilley Museum --

"Bill, I want to thank you for the time you have spent with me and the development staff, our Development Committee, and my campaign steering committee and the volunteers. You helped me improve my skills; your presentations to the Development Committee and campaign volunteers was “top-drawer”; and your dedication to the task went far beyond your contractual mandates. I have truly enjoyed working with you thus far and look forward to a continuing relationship and friendship."

-- Gerald R. Martel - Vice President for Development and Community Affairs - Central Maine Healthcare --

"It was a great meeting and your son was terrific - I now hope that we can really get going with his advice - it was wonderful of you to have him come down."

-- Arthur Griffin - Founder - Arthur Griffin Center for Photographic Art - In a note to Trustee Fred F. Stockwell --

" I Just want to let you know that we enjoyed your presentation made to the Board a couple of weeks ago. Your presentation was excellent. I personally thought it was money and time well spent. I will not hesitate to recommend your skills to others."

-- J. Bradford Coffey - Chair, Board of Directors, Shaw House --

"As the campaign director for the "Campaign for Deertrees", I had the opportunity to work with Bill Stockwell on a daily basis. The entire 3 month experience was extremely gratifying for me and for all of the volunteers. Not only did we reach our goal on schedule, but Bills leadership added an element of fun and joy to the otherwise 'serious' business of raising money."

-- Elena Brandt - Executive Director of Southern Maine Technical College Foundation --

"When it came time to plan our first capital campaign, we received a planning grant which enabled us to hire a consultant. What Bill Stockwell did for us was the most important thing of all: he told us we could do this! The confidence he gave us by reviewing our situation, going over our needs, and helping identify our strong and weak points was exactly what we needed to push us forward."

-- Lynn M. Thompson - Executive Director - Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts --

Bill conducted for us one of the most thorough and thoughtful feasibility studies I have seen in 20 years. The costs were modest in comparison to the outcomes we have received. The study helped to bring consensus to the board. The board's knowledge of philanthropy was improved. Bill's leadership style brought encouragement and new opportunities to the board. Bill is a person of integrity."

-- Vincent M. Pellegrino - Vice President for Institutional Advancement - University of Southern Maine --

"I want to thank you again for getting EHS started and for your frequent support of me and this program. I've told others repeatedly of your contributions in steering us in the right direction. We have been pioneers-successful ones thanks in a big way to you."

-- E. John White - Director of the Annual Fund - Eagle Hill School --

"I knew right from the start we were working with a true professional when we contracted with you because you succinctly articulated all those fundamental things I had learned in a two–week basic fundraising training session several years ago. What I had learned was elementary, but I remembered the principals. You were able to show us how to take these principles and make them work for us. At every point you showed us the strategy we should use."

--Terry B. Foster – Director - Center for Extended Academic Programs - University of Southern Maine --

"Bill Stockwell has an obvious set of skills and experience as a fundraiser. He knows how to run a campaign and brings with him a seemingly endless resource of ideas and talent. Bill’s less obvious and probably more important skills are:

1. His ability to work with what is in front of him. On several occasions in our campaign he was able to gracefully support our steering committee even though they were making a decision that countered his recommendation.

2. His staunch refusal to be drawn into organizational nattering, and his ability to be upbeat in the face of grumpiness. Bill loves his work and takes a genuine interest in the people he works with."

--Kali Lightfoot – Director - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - University of Southern Maine --

"I feel fortunate to have found Bill Stockwell at the time we were planning to hire our first major gifts senior staff person. Bill's experience and skills provided us with expert guidance during every step of the process. He assisted with the job description, advertising, interview development, candidate screening and interviewing and consultation on the final selection.We are pleased with the quality of the service he provided and would highly recommend him to any other organization."

-- Edward F. Miller - Executive Director - American Lung Association of Maine--

"Someone forgot to tell Maine resident and development consultant Bill Stockwell that "you can't get there from here," because that is exactly what he did for Eagle Hill School. In search of a seasoned veteran who had experienced times of economic boom and bust, we hired Bill to transform our ordinary fundraising efforts into a sophisticated development program. The results were immediate and extraordinary. Bill's ability to understand the uniqueness of our mission, in combination with fundraising methods proven over time, resulted in what we refer to as the EHS triple-threat: a stronger sense of community, a greater culture of giving, and giving levels reserved for schools many times our size. All the while (and in typical Stockwell fashion) allowing us to believe that we were the brains behind the ideas!"

"Bill Stockwell is a wonderful consultant, especially for nascent development offices. Bill helped us launch our very first annual fund in 1998 and then our first capital campaign shortly thereafter - prior to that we had zero fundraising at EHS.  Today, our annual fund tops $560,000/year and climbing each year, and we have raised over $30M in capital funds over the last decade.  Not bad for a small school!

The beauty about Bill is that he helps you build out a development office correctly and with time-tested fundamentals.  I'm certain that you can get some flashy consultant who will promise you the world.  I'm thankful we went with a grizzled veteran who helped build us a solid foundation from which to mature and grow over time.  We made the right choice in Bill...he will do very well by you, too."

-- Peter J. McDonald, Ed.D. Headmaster, Eagle Hill School --

"It was a genuine pleasure to work with you. Perhaps the most impressive aspect was your preparatory work: the initial interviews with people in the area who had a history with Deertrees, and those who knew what an asset it had been, and could be again. Your knowledge of the essentials of fundraising was invaluable, and you sure do know where the bucks are hiding (treasure is buried?). Finally, your eternal optimism and your constant assurances gave us the confidence we needed to undertake a daunting task, and the perseverance to complete it. Truly, without you, the Campaign to save Deertrees could never have been successful. We are very grateful!"

-- Lilo and Keith Willoughby - Co-Chairman - Deertrees Theatre --

"As the trustee of a small rural library in Bridgton, Maine in need of funding and having reached the "eleventh hour", I suggested we call Bill. He helped us to draft a letter that raised $13,000. The trustees then hired Bill for the ensuing year. With his patience, training, good humor, and ever ready and willing attitude to answer questions, he guided us skillfully through the development processes. The results speak for themselves - we raised $60,000 that year - far exceeding our goal and tripling the amount we had raised before.
Bill did what he told us he would do - work himself out of a job. By following the principles he taught us, we have been able to sustain an annual fund drive which has stabilized our finances and allowed us to progress. We are grateful."

--JoAnne S. Diller -- Trustee, Development Committee and Annual Fund Chair -- Bridgton Public Library --

"He returned to hold a Strategic Planning Session with our Board. Bill is forthright in his delivery and helped us set goals and timelines. Our board and community members were re-energized to get to work and carry out our mission"

--Elizabeth T. Dulin -- Executive Director - Houlton Regional Health Services Foundation --

"The time you spent with us was invaluable. Your knowledge and your style helped us grapple with the difficult decisions we needed to make. It was the most positive experience I've had with a consultant. Thank you so much."

--Sue Ellen Bordwell - Director of Development and Community Relations - Hospice of Maine--

"Our board engaged Bill to point us in the right direction as we considered our very first fundraising options. We were able to structure a relationship with him to suit our specific needs as a new non-profit organization. Other professionals wanted us to meet their own criteria. Bill's flexibility was
His meetings with our board were very well received and his advice, which we heeded, hit the nail on the head. We successfully completed our first annual appeal and look forward to his counsel as we expand our fundraising efforts."
-- Jeff Van Fleet -- President -- Fort Williams Charitable Foundation --

"I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much you wonderful advice helped me.  I think I've done everything you suggested and I'm now busier than I thought possible.  See what an hour of your time can produce.  I can't tell how much I appreciate the advice you gave me. "

--Molly Mclaughlin --- Executive Director---Friends for Life--
"The Maine Bar Foundation has worked with Bill since we first considered developing a Planned Giving Program.  Bill not only delivered a masterful feasibility study, but outlined for us a process to reach our goals.  Since that time he has extended himself several times to be sure that we had what we needed to make our fundraising a success.  I cannot recommend Bill highly enough.  He knows his field, is a thorough professional and a delight to work with even under difficult circumstances."
-- Calien Lewis -- Executive Director -- Maine Bar Foundation” --
"Thanks so much for speaking to the Grant Network this morning. Everyone appreciates the good work you do in our community and your willingness to share your gifts with us.  Many of us are just starting out, and your wisdom is invaluable."
-- Lori Allen -- Grant Writer -- Growth Council of Oxford Hills --
"Bill took the time to understand our mission, needs, and current situation; so that in a half-day workshop, Bill helped the Board identify strengths and weaknesses, while providing invaluable information to bring our fundraising plan to the next level.  By combining his solid textbook knowledge of development with his own experiences, Bill not only provided a framework and tools, but also the motivation and confidence needed to push forward in new areas, particularly in prospect identification and capital campaigns."

-- Erica Nardi -- Director of Institutional Advancement -- KVCC Foundation--

" From the beginning Bill provided valuable insight. Much to our surprise he disavowed us of any thought that he would be doing the fundraising; this was definitely our job. He did provide the background work that made the fundraising work, visiting possible large donors we identified to do a fundability study, guiding us in developing the list of potential donors, training the flock to most effectively approach these donors, and sharing possible foundation names to target. He was our coach and cheerleader, directing and encouraging us, attending our meetings and keeping us on track. We always felt that he believed in us - if he didn't, he never let on.
I am pleased to say that we have been much more successful than we thought we would be, having only a small mortgage left less than two years after moving into our lovely new location. I know none of us are ready to tackle another major project anytime soon, but I feel confident that we would call Bill again to guide us through the organizing preliminaries that are so important to a Capital Campaign."

-- Diane Jackson, Librarian - Harrison Village Library (Caswell Public Library/Harrison Village Library )--

"It was an enjoyable learning experience to have Bill working with us in the largest capital campaign the Mahoosuc Land Trust has ever undertaken. Some of our committee members did not believe we could raise the amount of funding we were seeking, but Bill led us through the feasibility study, and showed us how it could be done. Following his guidance led to successful asking, and actually became fun. When we had low points in the campaign he lifted our spirits and sent us out to face the next challenge. We could not have succeeded without his direction and we are deeply grateful to him for this."

--Bob Iles, Co-Chairman Rumford Whitecap Campaign - Mahoosuc Land Trust --

"Thank you for spending hours with me and members of my Board discussing how to prepare and initiate a Capital Campaign drive. Everyone learned a lot and really appreciated your materials."

--Susie Lowe -- Executive Director -- League of New Hampshire Craftsmen --

“Bill Stockwell provided us with exactly the expertise and guidance we needed at a crucial time for our organization.  His breadth of knowledge in the art of fundraising is vast, and his bedside manner for the fiscally infirm is calm and persuasive.  Thank you, Bill!”

-- Dana Packard -- Artistic Director -- The Saco River Grange Hall --

“I think it is nice when the student lets the teacher know that they learn from them and have had some success. So here is my thank you for having the opportunity to learn from you. Wellspring is finally moving forward with understanding the importance of fundraising and branding. They are under the leadership of a new board president who is pushing things forward and at times pushing the board out of their comfort zone!”

--Patricia A. Kimball, LADC,CCS   -  Executive Director   -   Wellspring, Inc--

“Thank you for all your hard work, time and effort this past weekend. We now have a lot of very good ideas for moving forward and for broadening our portfolio of development options, which I am very excited about. I am looking forward to making some positive steps in the area of development (notice I did not say fundraising) within our organization. I will certainly be in touch and keep you abreast of our progress.”

--Jeanne Thorvaldsen - Executive Director - Rangeley Health and Wellness--


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